CompactSoft (s. a. e.) is a leading business software company in Egypt. CompactSoft was established in 1984, and is specialized in Business Solutions, Business Software Applications & ERP Development, Implementation, Training and Support Services.

With over 500 customers, CompactSoft was able to build business software implementation and support expertise enabling it to develop a mature set of best practices in various fields and industries.

Compliance with Standards and Participation in ERP Innovation

While developing and maintaining CompactSoft product set, innovation has always been our motto, while maintaining compliance with applied business standards. This required CompactSoft team to exert a considerable level of research and study in all aspects of innovative technological introduction and application of new standards. Since the emergence of the ERP business applications standards, CompactSoft has been working to standardize its applications to comply with most ERP specifications and business requirements adopted worldwide. This includes: system integration, modularity, MRP, MRPII, active ERP and workflow automation. The target of “CompactSoft ERP initiative” was specialization in industry specific and vertical ERP software solutions.

The first outcome was the Apparel and Textile industry verticals, where CompactSoft excelled in providing specialized ERP software solutions (Impact Apparel & Textile ERP), covering the unique and complex requirements of the apparel and textile industries. Additionally, building expertise that can clearly understand, communicate and fulfill the requirements of this industry.

The last, but not least, outcome is CompactSoft standard and generic ERP application (CompactSoft ERP - Impact), which targets general manufacturing industries. With advanced functionality, yet maintaining adequate simplicity, CompactSoft ERP applications was able to cover the business needs of most industries. Building over the best practices from similar industry implementations, the system optimum utilization of functionality and continuous enhancements are maintained.