CompactSoft (s. a. e.) is a leading business software company in Egypt. CompactSoft was established in 1984, and is specialized in Business Solutions, Business Software Applications & ERP Development, Implementation, Training and Support Services.

With over 500 customers, CompactSoft was able to build business software implementation and support expertise enabling it to develop a mature set of best practices in various fields and industries.

Utilization of the Latest Software and Hardware Technologies

CompactSoft always seeks to utilize the latest technologies, software and hardware platforms, and development tools in developing its products. Since CompactSoft clearly understands and cares for software stability, which is mainly gained after enough testing and practicing, and which is finally reflected on the end products. Thus, appropriate research and testing are performed with the introduction of new technologies and tools.
This enabled CompactSoft's professionals to be developing their applications using the latest stable technological software tools, platforms and database engines. This includes (but not limited to): Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Oracle Development Tools, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Databases.

Seeking for providing total solutions to our customers, CompactSoft is usually conducting researches in various technology areas to integrate into its applications. Hence, CompactSoft has utilized, and will keep utilizing, most of the software related emerging technologies, including: Barcode Technology, Point of sale machines, Touch Screens, Access Control & Time Attendance Machines, Magnetic Cards, Smart Cards, Communications Technologies (e.g. VPN, ADSL and Remote Access), Wireless Technologies (Bluetooth and Wireless LAN), Email, SMS, Smart Devices (PDA’s and Smart Phones) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).