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CompactSoft Production Control System Package


It is the company’s backbones from the production side throughout following up of the production stages & its operations under the different work centers including the machines, human resources or tools in order to separate between the internal production & subcontracting to achieve the marketing & customers requirements throughout the required production orders with the optimal usage, following up of the finished good’s quality, identifying the scrap reasons and handling it.


- Recording & following up of the production plan to achieve the marketing requirements and customer’s sales orders throughout the required production orders.

- Identifying the planned production orders, its operations, the actual production and the deviations if exists with identifying the scrap reasons to increase the production rates.

- The optimal usage of the work center’s capacity to identify the accurate delivery times for customer’s sales orders.

- Following up of the finished product’s quality.

- Identifying the unused production routes.


Production Management System  
Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)